GAISFGeneral Association of International Sports Federations
GAISFGeneral Assembly of International Sports Federations (now General Association of International Sports Federations)
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Observer status gives the RLIF the right to attend the GAISF general assembly and chief executive David Collier says it will provide an opportunity to grow the game on the world stage.
In the meantime, the IOC is also working with the GAISF DFSU to ensure that there is an independent overview of the anti-doping programme at the Winter Games in PyeongChang.
WorldSport will offer Critical Path's advanced Web-based email and calendaring services to the entire GAISF network, which consists of more than 750 million card-carrying members worldwide.
The GAISF is the international sports organization responsible for coordinating the world's most comprehensive sporting calendar.
WorldSport is the exclusive sanctioned provider of statistical information for the GAISF.
It includes Mr Gnter Younger, Head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Intelligence and Investigations Department; Mr Pedro Goncalves, GAISF DFSU Project Manager in charge of the Pre-Games Testing Task Force secretariat; and Dr Richard Budgett, Olympic rowing champion and IOC Medical and Scientific Director.