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GAJACGerman-American Joint Action Committee (Washington, DC)
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Now nearly eighty and in very bad health, the author struggled to finish his last novel, Maltaverne (1972), in which Alain Gajac, now old and lonely and ill, laments that "it's all over." That was also true for Mauriac, who died in September 1970.
A retired farmer who serves as mayor of the village of Gajac in southwest France has proposed a solution to the chorus of complaints against croaking frogs, cooing pigeons and other creature noises.
Saint medard in jalles - gajac. Firm phase: Dia missions to aor: Rehabilitation of a building of 4 collective dwellings and 2 shops + esq / dia missions to avp: Creation of 4 dwellings in elevation, Construction of 2 individual dwellings and refurbishment of car parks.