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The equation for optical density D can be written in the form (Galaj, Bajko 2009):
Jerzy Galaj (1), Zbignev Karpovic (2), Waldemar Jaskolowski (3)
Jerzy GALAJ. PhD, the Head of the Hydromechanics and Fire Water Supply Institute of the Fire Technique Department of Fire Safety Engineering Faculty at the Main School of Fire Service, Warsaw, Slowackiego Str.
The products formed during combustion pose, among the others, danger to people during evacuation (Konecki, Polka 2006, 2009; Galaj et al.
Although a full scale of fire tests has been used for investigating, the influence of fire retardants on the combustion process of pine timber end epoxy resin has been conducted (Galaj 2008; Galaj et al.
The arrangement of thermocouples in horizontal and vertical planes as well as their numbering is shown in Figure 4 (Galaj 2008).
The arrangement of gas concentration sensors is presented in Figure 5 (Galaj 2008).
A simplified scheme for the measuring system is given in Galaj (2008).
Galaj, J.; Jaskoiowski, W.; Karpovic, Z.; Sukys, R.