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Galb. 19.2: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] ('Marcus Otho, now, was a man of good lineage, but from his very childhood corrupted by luxury and the pursuit of pleasure as few Romans were').
L'œuvre et la vie du chanteur Kamel Messaoudi, celui dont le cœur etait tourmente de voir son Algerie a feu et a sang et tiraillee (Ya Dzair rah tab el galb), seront passees en revue au niveau de la maison de la culture de Tizi Ouzou.
The Qur'anic usage of hikmah reinforces the holistic quality of thinking; hikmah also seeks to forge a close tie between reason and emotion ('aql wa galb) thereby encouraging what is now known as emotional intelligence.
The difficulty arises, in good measure, from the assumption that Tacitus is saying much the same as Plutarch (Galb. 26.4-6).
Plutarch declares that the emperor had two aims, to make a thank-offering on the Capitol for the supposed failure of the coup and, in the process, to show himself to the citizenry (Galb. 26.3).
The crowd, so the biographer avers, was driven from thc Forum and into the surrounding porticos by the arrival of the Othonians, and the people scattered, not in flight, but to find a safe place from which to see what would happen next, |as if'--according to the received text--'present at a spectacle' (Galb. 26.8: (three unconvertible words in Greek Characters)).
depulsuri', a task for which cavalry would be essential.(27) This is one reason for Tacitus' mentioning solely Otho's horsemen, not the foot soldiers who followed at their heels according to Plutarch (Galb. 26.5), as is demonstrated by both |proculcato senatu' and |truces armis rapidi equis'.(28) But the motif of the race reappears at the beginning of the next chapter.