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GALENGeneralised Architecture for Languages, Encyclopaedias, and Nomenclatures in Medicine
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I'm confident that with the support and guidance of Galen Partners, we will now accelerate our rapid growth in revenue, profitability, and clinical acceptance.
I was born in the Philippines,' Galen replied when asked about his background.
Galen will retain the rights to provide DaunoXome in the United Kingdom and selected countries outside Europe.
By Yasargil classification it is divided into four types; type I shows small cisternal fistula between the vein of Galen and the pericallosal arteries or posterior cerebral artery, type II showing multiple fistulae between the vein of Galen and the thalamoperforating vessels, type III is a mixed variety of type I and II and type IV: parenchymal arteriovenous malformation (AVM) with drainage into the vein of Galen.
These positive rating factors are partially offset by Galen s plans for brisk expansion into numerous states, which could challenge capital strength and reduce its financial flexibility in the near to medium term.
v vSteven Downes' athletics picks, pages 110-111 Watch for Galen Rupp, Farah's American training partner, who was seventh in Daegu and could be good enough to win a medal here, which makes his 16-1 tempting.
With prolific entrepreneurial tendencies, it didn't take Galen long to see the opportunity of becoming an aggregator, that is taking on the responsibility of the merchant account while setting up his customers as sub-merchants.
Galen Stoller, an eleventh grader at Desert Academy in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was hit by a train at an unguarded railroad crossing.
Raised in a commune in France and later on the island of Majorca, Galen has channelled studies in psychology and work with war victims into her music.
The patient underwent computed tomography (CT) scan of the head, which showed obstructive hydrocephalus and an aneurysmally dilated vein of Galen, a stenotic straight sinus, and a distended torcular Herophili.
Nos encontramos ante una biografia critica y bien documentada de Clemens August von Galen (1878-1946), obispo de la capital de Westfalia durante el nazismo, quien por su ferrea oposicion al regimen totalitario recibio el sobrenombre de <<el Leon de Munster>>.
He and his contributors describe Galen and the trajectory of his work, his contemporaries and their differences, Galen's methodology (including his anatomical research and writing habits), and Galen's work in logic, language, epistemology, psychology, philosophy of nature, anatomy, physiology, therapeutics, drugs and ecology.