GALFGroupement des Anthropologues de Langue Française (Group of French Language Anthropologists)
GALFGrupo de Lesbianas Feministas (Spanish: Lesbian Feminist Group)
GALFGlycyrrhetinic Acid-Like Factor
GALFGulf Adhesive Labels Factory
GALFGive a Life Foundation (organ and tissue donation)
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Martinho (2005) aponta que a ruptura com o grupo Somos levou a criacao do primeiro grupo lesbico, o Lesbico-Feminista (LF), em 1979, que foi substituido por Grupo de Acao Lesbico-Feminista (GALF) dois anos depois.
(4) En los archivos de Mariana Romo-Carmona ubicados en el Lesbian Herstory Archives en Brooklyn, NY, tambien estan las siguientes publicaciones de este periodo: Amiga de Houston; Ellas Dicen, Austin, TX; Mujeres Latinas de Multiples Culturas, Los Angeles; The Wand Womynspace Activities/Networking Directory, Houston, TX; Carta de presentacion del Colectivo de Lesbianas Feministas, San Juan, PR (antes Colectivo de Concientizacion Gay); Aquelarre Lesbico, San Juan, Puerto Rico (antes Nosotras Diez), abril, 1990; Pezones, publicacion del Colectivo de Mujeres Lesbianas, Mitilene, Republica Dominicana; Boletin Al Margen, GALF Peru.
The GALF supports the Office of the GAL of the 20th Circuit, which provides advocacy for the children of Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties.
Globally-renowned aviation thought leaders and experts will discuss global airports outlook 2026, airport capacity, impact of Brexit, Trump and rising nationalism on aviation, how airports can most effectively respond to the requirements of airlines, on-board retail, the latest technology trends and other highly relevant aviation industry issues at the 5th Global Airport Leaders' Forum (GALF), to be held on May 16 and 17, at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Ahli, director-general of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, started the welcome address by saying that the GALF is an ideal platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities, best practices and technologies for the fast-expanding industry.
Daniyal Qureshi, Director of Airport Show and GALF, said: "Airports expansion is a major area of focus for the aviation industry in almost every part of the world, especially the Middle East.
All CU-GMM estimates employ the instrument vector {[[pi].sub.[t-1]], [x.sub.[t-1]],[x.sub.[t-2]], [y.sub.[t-1]], [y.sub.[t-2]], [[omega]i.sub.[t-1]], [[omega]i.sub.[t-2]]} which mimics that of Galf, Gertler, and Lopez-Salido (2005) minus {[[pi].sub.[t-2]],[[pi].sub.[t-3]], [[pi].sub.[t-4]]}.
In particular, how would adding monetary non-neutralities along the lines of a New Keynesian Phillips curve as in Clarida, Galf, and Gertler (2000) and Gallmeyer, Hollifield, and Zin (2005) alter the monetary policy-consistent pricing kernel?
Reacting to the sexism in the gay and lesbian movement and the heterosexism they encountered in the women's movement, groups such as the Grupo de Acao Lesbica-Feminista (Lesbian Feminist Action Group, GALF) were created.
The Register of the Seal of Their Catholic Majesties records: 18 de abril de 1493, Barcelona: Perd n al judio converso Pedro Ju[sz]rez de la Concha, a sus hijos Crist bal y Fern[sz]n Su[sz]rez--que antes se llamaban respectivamente Jacob, Levi y Abraham Galf n--y al yerno del primero, mestre Juan, llamado antes Jacob Cirujano, que habian sacado a Portugal oro, plata, etc., al tiempo de su expulsi n, debiendo continuar embargados los bienes y deudas que dejaron en estos reinos hasta que se determine acerca de ellos--Reyes.