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dr Biljana Srdic Galic, Medicinski fakultet, Zavod za anatomiju, 21000 Novi Sad; Hajduk Veljkova 3, E-mail:
Galic fell to the ground in agonizing pain and was unable to pick himself up.
Correspondence should be addressed to Ivan Galic;
* Corresponding Author: Askin Galic. Tel: +90-242-3102497, Fax: +90-242-2274564, E-mail:
[8.] Ashauer R, Agatz A, Albert C, Ducrot V, Galic N,et al.
The PAL extraction and assaying ([DELTA] ABS [h.sup.-1] [g.sup.-1] FW) were performed according to methods described by KE & SALTVEIT (1986) and the phenolic compounds (mM galic acid [g.sup.-1] FW) were extracted and quantified as described by REYES et al.
Oxygen Radical absorbance capacity of ascorbic acid is found to be more than Gallic acid and cafeic acid and this is the reason for good results of vitamin C (ORAC value 12.5) then cafeic acid (ORAC value 9.5) and galic acid(ORAC value 11.7).3.2 Effect of UV Absorbers on Light FastnessThe photochemistry of the 2-hydroxybenzophenones, (Figure 1) has been more extensively studied than that of theother classes of ultraviolet absorbers.
Galic e colaboradores, (13) em uma revisao de literatura, ampliaram a gama de mecanismos que envolvem o TNF-alfa, com a resistencia a acao da insulina incluindo bases moleculares como a inibicao da capacidade de sinalizacao da IRS-1 atraves da ativacao de serinoquinases, tais como a quinase c-Jun N-terminal (JNK) ou complexo quinase IkB (I[kappa]K), alem de aumentar a expressao de citocinas supressoras da sinalizacao 3 (SOCS3).
We are happy to receive the financial support of EBRD in this project, providing us with the appropriate financing for the expansion" said Sasa Galic, Managing Partner at Blue Sea Capital."This investment will mark a change in our production facilities.