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GALMGroninger Actief Leven Model (Dutch: Groningen Active Living Model; senior exercise group)
GALMGet A Life Man
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En nota de prensa del 8 de marzo de 1983, hallamos la primera intervencion en un medio de comunicacion radial de las mujeres de la Coordinadora: el caso de la Coordinadora reclamando la legalizacion del aborto por medio de Flor Alba Trujillo del GALM, Maria Teresa Arizabaleta de la UCC y Maria Eugenia Misas de la UMD:
It is noted here that for this patient population (without known IVD herniation), SI joint manipulation was performed with the patient in the supine position, as opposed to the prone technique employed by Galm et al.
And Bernard Galm probably knew more about what was going on than anyone, because he was bartending--Bernard Galm from UCLA, who later became the director of the program.
Bernie Galm, bless his heart, gave up his room, because Schorr was about to walk, and then this famous Leo LeClaire fainted in the hallway.
We're right in the heart of the village," says owner Tammy Galm.
Business slows down in January and February, but as soon as the first daffodil blooms they're back," Galm says.
Dit is al wat oorbly wanneer die akkedis weg is, met ander woorde wanneer die bewegings iets van die verlede is--en dan, as motto of bytitel--die paradoksale van 'n stilte wat vir ewig galm en beweeg.
Fortunately Bernie Galm gave up his room to them and Bernie slept in the lobby.
Eiger has been assisting head coach, John Galm for several seasons now and has loved every minute.
The primary purpose of GALMS is to continually keep the owners/operators of SMBs up to the minute with the predictive actions of their client base.