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GALTGut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
GALTGalactose-1-Phosphate Uridyltransferase (blood test)
GALTGreyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc. (Addison, TX)
GALTGroup Assessment of Logical Thinking (cognitive development)
GALTGross Air Leak Test (inspections)
GALTGastrointestinal Associated Lymphoid Tissue
GALTGut-Associated Lymphoreticular Tissue (gastrointestinal medicine)
GALTGalileo Technology, Inc.
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A goalless draw appeared increasingly likely but Galt made the breakthrough in 76 minutes.
Galt Medical Corp., a subsidiary of Theragenics Corp., is a provider of vascular and interventional medical devices.
Gerard Carruthers and Colin Kidd praise Galt's mastery of scale: if Scott lauded (and in the process, implicitly diminished) Austen, with her little square of ivory, her delicate touch, Galt too largely eschews macro-history in favour of 'the intimate spaces of national life'.
Ambassador Galt also met with Fulbright Program students, including Americans studying in India as well as Indian alumni of U.S.
Since the last CBL in 2016, the basketball community has only been having pick-up games and so this tournament has really brought life back to the basketball community,'' said Galt, the former manager of CBL-winning team Mekong Tigers.
Galt was at the heart of the action again when he was dragged down by Daniel Lightbody inside the box, and referee Kevin Graham pointed to the spot.
Here Maginn avails himself yet again of a character from a Blackwood book, Galt's The Entail, in order to bullyrag Francis Jeffrey.
Stephen said: "A lot of people local to this area remember visiting Galt Toys when they were young, the company was ahead of its time as kids were able to actually pick up a toy and play with it inside the shop instead if looking through a cabinet.
"Although Galt never succeeded in establishing the bank that he knew was necessary for growth, early residents created a building society to help them save and borrow for their farms and businesses.
Galt claimed rock stars Foo Fighters have been reluctant to play in the Middle East because of an image of the region propagated by the American media
02EVERTON FC captain James Galt suffered an unexpected blow when his elder brother died.
Classic galactosemia (GALT), the predominant form, is secondary to a severe reduction or absence of galactose1-phosphate-uridyltransferase (EC (2,3).