GALZGays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe
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Police, some of them visibly drunk, assaulted most of the members using baton sticks," GALZ said.
GALZ does not condone violence and we are not a threat," said GALZ.
The $5,000 award will allow GALZ to further its current efforts on behalf of women's rights, economic equality and their HIV/AIDS campaign, which provides care and education in attempts to reduce the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe.
GALZ had been a main role player in this process from the beginning, but no other NGO partner left the meeting in solidarity or disagreement.
Trp of Namibia and GALZ of Zimbabwe were present at the PATAM Conference and they particularly stressed the inclusion of men who have sex with men and women who have sex with women in the work and campaigns of HIV/Aids service organisations.