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Gamaa explained that this strategy is being prepared within the framework of the industrial development strategy 2020 adopted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
This is because ISIS, like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Gamaa Islamiya, non-violent Salafists, militant Salafist-Takfiris, Al-Qaeda and others before it, fundamentally is a symptom of, and a reaction to, deeper ailments in society.
A leading Gamaa Islamiya part member said Hegazy was chosen because he is a well known Islamist and supports the application of Islamic law.
The protest was organised by the Lebanese-branch of the Muslim Gamaa group, along with Hamas and other groups.
There were members of the Gamaa Islamiyah (Islamic Group) Shura (Consultative) Council.
The Egyptian group, Gamaa Islamiya, is apparently a revived version of the biggest militant group that waged a campaign of violence in Egypt during the 1990s but was crushed in a government c ra c k d o w n .
Only 12 opposition MPs were against the bill that extended the law in February 2000 at a parliamentary session attended by over 300 members, because of the late 1997 massacre of foreign tourists in Luxor by Gamaa Islamiya fanatics.
Hill, head of the US military's Southern Command, whose area of responsibility covers Latin America, as saying that radical Islamic groups such as Hizbullah, Hamas and Egypt's Al Gamaa al Islamiya are getting between $300m and $500m a year from the criminal networks that are spreading across Latin America, particularly the tri-border region and Margarita Island off Venezuela.
The figures it reveres are the blind Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman (founder of the Egyptian Gamaa Islamiyya) now in US custody, the London preacher Omar Mahmoud Omar alias Abu Qatada Al Filistini and, Osama bin Laden, among others.
11, in view of its extensive experience in combating against Islamist organisations such as Al Jihad, Gamaa Al Islamiyya, Tafkir Wal Hijra, etc.
The founders of both Sharia and Islah were former members of the militant Jihad group which, together with Gamaa Al Islamiyya, waged a violent campaign against the regime between 1992 and 1997 in which about 1,200 people were killed.