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GAMBGeorgia Association of Mortgage Brokers
GAMBGreat American Marching Band (Macy's)
GAMBGlobal Alliance for Marketing Brands (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
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Gamb "Paying pounds 40million for someone to take it off their hands isn't a bad result.
LADBROKE online gamb uncertain be 12% yesterda Shares fell after inte half wor B trac the pull An Peel alwa wou digita But it added it is still on track to hit City targets as the high street business is pulling in punters.
One of the big four bookmakers recently sent me pounds 100 of free vouchers to use for on-line gamb ling on their site.
Gamb his Few Gambling online, he cocked up his bet and in fact backed Fernandez-Castano not to win the tournament - which he didn't - but to lead after round one, which he did.
The 33-year-old Bathgate star and his Andretti Green Racing team opted to gamb l e on there being at least one cautionary yellow flag in the closing 80 laps around the 1.5-mile Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.
The Flannigan Rifles Drill Team members are: Colin Berg, Henry Cella, Domenico Carbonara, Brant DeMoss, Michael Fazio, Matthew Felber, Emilio Filippo, Charlie Gambs, Nathan Gelsomino, Will Gillian, John Gissel, Christian Henkel, Connor Hollerbush, Wyatt Holton, Zach Hoschouer, Brenden Ivie, Daniel Katz, Nathan Konen, Joseph Luerck, Jithin Martin, Christian Nowak, Josh Pura, Jack Ramey, Bryce Riner, Ben Saloga, Charlie Schultz, Christian Schultz, George Smith, Matthew Tomaszweski, Greg Weir, Matthew Welch and Jack Wisdom.
The likely extirpations and declines may be linked to the altered fire regime, specifically the lack of recent fire (fire suppression) in the habitat (Gambs and Holland 1988; USFWS 2013b).
I checked him for a fever and took him to school," Carissa Gambs, who works at Aultman Hospital, said.
Fifty One East welcomed celebrated designer Herve Gambs to Qatar for the first time as he introduced his new collection of perfumes, colognes and home fragrances to a crowd of VIPs and media guests.