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GAMBGeorgia Association of Mortgage Brokers
GAMBGreat American Marching Band (Macy's)
GAMBGlobal Alliance for Marketing Brands (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
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Gambs attempts to illustrate a particular process of writing, kinetic energy, and cellular awareness primarily through the excessive use of verbs and adverbs, highlighting perhaps inadvertently how difficult it is to animate or represent successfully physical and conceptual dynamics in new ways.
Thus in 1958 Allan Gruchy, John Gambs and others started holding fringe and somewhat clandestine sessions at the annual meetings.
See Gilbert (1978), Gambs and Rasche (1978), and Gilbert and Lovati (1978).
Contract notice: Waste collection through pneumatic plants and collection networks eix macia centre, can and can llong gambs city of sabadell.