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Turbine model Rated Wind class Rotor Hub height (m) power diameter Enercon 800 kW IEC--IIA 48 m 50, 55, 60, 65, 76 E48-800 EWT DW54-900 900 kW IEC--IIIA 54 m 40, 50, 75 Gamera 850 kW IEC -IIA/HIB 58 m 44, 49, 55, 65, 74 G58-850 Table 5: Wind turbine power output for Enercon E48-800.
Gamera II is an improved version of Gamera I, which last year set world records for flight duration.
The craft has managed a flight of 50 seconds, far surpassing the last record of 11.4 seconds set last year by the Gamera I, the first version.
Students from Clark School of Engineering and faculty advisors from the the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center lifted their pedal-powered Gamera II off the ground for 50 seconds, a 400 per cent improvement on their previous effort thanks to its lighter weight.
The Gamera chopper has the wingspan of a Boeing 737 but weighs 71lbs thanks to a frame made of carbon fibre, foam and balsa.
"Mae rhywbeth at ddant pawb," medd Anna Fn, gwraig gamera o Nebo a Chadeirydd Dyffryn Nantlle 20/20, "o noson o sleidiau nos Fawrth gan y ffotograffydd Geraint Thomas, noson i lansio llyfr Carl Clowes nos Fercher (y ddau i''w cynnal yn Neuadd Goffa Penygroes), cyfle i grwydro y mannau a gaiff eu henwi yng nghaneuon Bryn Fn ar y nos Iau, a''r ffilm Gaucho yn Neuadd Llanllyfni i ddilyn, gig efo Bryn Fn a Wali Tomos yn neuadd Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle ar y nos Wener (wedi''r gm beldroed C''mon Midffild) a chyfle i bawb ymlacio yn Y Crochan Blasus, Penygroes efo Noson Bwyd Lleol nos Sadwrn i ddathlu diwedd y gweithgareddau.
The 23-pound African tortoise, named Gamera, had his leg replaced with the wheel at Washington State University's vet hospital after a burn had become extremely infected.
The trio worked best with solidly bad material, from the Godzilla and Gamera pictures to films, such as Monster A-Go Go, that could only aspire to the production values of cheesy 1950s Japanese science fiction.
Shusuke Kaneko (a vet of "Gamera" and other monster movies, as well as femme swordplayer "Azttmi 2") directs with cool deliberation and little visual panache, focusing, in TV-drama style, on the perfs.
It's a model of the main character in the Japanese movie Gamera: Little Brave Ones.
Laboratory CDs, such as those developed by Gamera Biosciences, now Tecan, Zurich, Switzerland, consist of plastic discs with a network of chambers, channels and vents, and information about the specific function of the analytical lab incorporated on the disk.