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Merguez sausages were as good as any I've had outside Strasbourg, with an almost gamey funk
My reluctance to acknowledge gamey or otherwise off-tasting meat isn't because I like to be deceptive.
While the main beats still provide the bulk of the shooting, I like to get to grips with some of the estate's less frequented areas, spending a day now and then in the little wooded corners, the "gamey" dingles and the plashy places.
Trimming the strong-flavored fat and using spices and marinades helps gets rid of its gamey taste so it's more suited to our contemporary palates.
Would be great with a gamey dish such as venison or wood pigeon.
'gamey' (or describe specific behaviors) Refused medication Declined or chose not to accept medication Nasty, rude, mean The patient used offensive language.
The gamey, strong flavour matches very well with many of the fruits that are coming into season, a little earlier than usual because of the warm weather we had in April.
I try not to call these animals "wild hogs," as this has the connotation of game for some folks, and they are definitely not "gamey" ...
The insurgents are led by Sheik Ali Gamey, linked to arms dealer Mohamed Atom, who the U.N.
We've heard some complaints that some of our meals have been a little gamey this year.
It is a mouthfilling wine that may be kept for up to 10 years, but will go nicely with duck, turkey, lamb and gamey meats - the perfect accompaniment to the traditional Christmas lunch.
Rich, gamey, and enjoyably chewy, with a cap of flavorful fat.