GAMGGeometric Agglomerated Algebraic Multigrid Solver (mathematics)
GAMGGeorgia Association of Museums and Galleries (Marietta, GA)
GAMGGlobal Aero Marine Group (Ontario, Canada)
GAMGGlycyrrhetyl Monoglucuronide (biochemistry)
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Effects of mitraphylline on in vitro proliferation of human glioma GAMG and neuroblastoma SK-N-BE(2) cell lines
Growth of the GAMG glioma and SKN-BE(2) human neuroblatoma was observed after the addition of the U.
For the human glioma GAMG, the mitraphylline concentration required for a 50% viability inhibition ([IC.
In this paper, the potent antiproliferative effect of mitraphylline has been demonstrated in these two human brain tumor cell lines (glioma GAMG and neuroblastoma SKN-BE(2)).