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GAMMGesellschaft fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (German: Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics)
GAMMGrande Armée Maillot Malakoff (French agricultural cooperative)
GAMMGeneralized Additive Mixed Model
GAMMGeneralized Air Mobility Model
GAMMGimbal Angle Matching Monitor
GAMMGerman Association for Mathematics and Mechanics
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JB: There's a plaque that hangs outside the entrance to the Gordon Gamm Theater that reads, in part,
In their new roles, both Roth and Gamm will be responsible for driving growth across the US market, as well as nurturing current relationships with agencies, advertisers and key partners.
We were concerned that they (the Gamm Theatre) were going to leave, so we asked him to negotiate more favorable terms, which he did,'' Mr.
2011 Data analysis Lynx Number of Descriptive GAMM 5-minute intervals M1 68313 Yes Yes M2 102875 Yes Yes M3 15081 No Yes M4 13365 No Yes F1 99451 Yes Yes F2 104382 Yes Yes Table 2.
This model gives us a chance lo understand the biological effects of human gene mutations in a relatively expeditious manner," said Gamm, associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences and pediatrics.
The reworking of Thomas' affectionate and much-loved look back at Christmases past is winning rave reviews at New York's Gamm Theatre.
This is an important step forward for us, as it not only confirms that multiple retinal cells can be derived from human iPS cells using the Wisconsin approach, but also shows how similar the process is to normal human retinal development," says David Gamm, an assistant professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences, who led a Waisman Center research team along with Jason Meyer, a research scientist
Pensamos que es una oportunidad pava recibir los pesos mexicanos que estan guardados en la casa de clientes y que pueden usarlos aqui", dijo Andy Gamm, vocero de Pizza Patron.
Gerald Gamm considers how things have changed for American urban religious groups during the period from 1950 to 2000, with special emphasis on the "erosion of Catholic exceptionalism," as a large proportion of urban Catholics moved to the suburbs.
And yesterday, schoolchildren from across Knowsley were given the opportunity to tap into the amazing skills of Rudiger Gamm.
Rudiger Gamm, from Germany, is able to perform astonishing mathematical feats in seconds - like fifth roots of 10-digit numbers.