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GAMMAGreeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol
GAMMAGenoa Active Message MAchine
GAMMAGeometric Algorithms for Modeling, Motion and Animation
GAMMAGeneral Approach to Magnetic resonance Mathematical Analysis
GAMMAGénération Automatique de Maillages et Méthodes d'Adaptation
GAMMAGroupement Automobile Monégasque de Mécanique Avancée
GAMMAGay and Married Men Association
GAMMAGuide Star Astrometric Measuring Machine
GAMMAGeorgia Model Missile Association
GAMMAGuinea, Angola, Mozambique Medical Action
GAMMAGraphic Art and Multimedia Artists
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The Gamma Knife is used in the treatment of brain tumors, such as metastatic lesions from tumors that are located outside of the brain as well as for the primary tumors called gliomas or astrocytomas.
"The atmosphere [at Gamma Mu events] was like a 1950s cocktail party, with people in the closet who wouldn't come out," says former member Jeremy Poole of Winchelsea, England.
It was also evident at the show that another form of radiation sterilization - electron beam - is coming in as an alternative to gamma radiation.
But it told us a lot about the immune system and the central role of gamma interferon in MS."
Using the High Energy Stereoscopic System (HESS) gamma ray telescopes in Namibia, the researchers have surveyed the Milky Way in gamma ray light for the past 15 years.
A novel gamma 2-herpesvirus of the Rhadinovirns 2 lineage in chimpanzees.
Astronomers' eyes would glaze over with the mere mention of gamma rays and all that they entailed: matter-antimatter annihilation, particle decay, scintillation counters, and the like.
Putative activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma impairs androgen and enhances progesterone biosynthesis in primary cultures of porcine theca ceils.
The digamma (or psi) function is defined for positive real numbers x as the logarithmic derivative of Euler's gamma function, that is [psi](x) = d/dx ln [GAMMA](x) = [GAMMA]'(x)/[GAMMA](x).
133), the author states that the observed supernova was "one of only a handful ...heralded by a burst of gamma rays." Isn't that because gamma-ray bursts from core-collapse supernovas are directional, along the axis of rotation?
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereidoun Abbasi announced that the country plans to design and build a center equipped with a fixed gamma radiation system in Bonab city, Northwestern Iran, in the near future.
In 1997, the Life Extension Foundation[R] warned that taking-only the alpha tocopherol form of vitamin E could displace critically important gamma tocopherol in the body.