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Gamow may not have invented the concept of the Big Bang, but he linked cosmology with high-energy physics.
For the purpose of finding Gamow function, in area near x=a we can choose linear approximation for Coulomb potential, such that
In other words, the standard procedure to derive Gamow factor should also be revised [12].
The thermodynamical state of the universe was then unknown, although some theoreticians, including Gamow and Dicke, had made pioneering forecasts in this field.
A physicist by the name of ( George Gamow  then produced a formalism for describing alpha decay using quantum tunneling (first noted by ( Friedrich Hund )- which allowed atoms to cross the classically impenetrable Coulomb barrier.
Stroh, "Use of the Gamow Bag by EMT-basic park rangers for treatment of high-altitude pulmonary edema and high-altitude cerebral edema," Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, vol.
Greene Gamow, Alpher, and Herman, and later Penzias 1227 The Hidden and Wilson, discover cosmic microwave Reality background radiation--the proof of the Big pp.
(24) George Gamow, a prominent physicist and a member of the Air Force's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was highly skeptical of this approach to the guidance problem facing the U.
Gamow speculated that the rotations of these objects might be due to the cosmic rotation [44] and Godel obtained a cosmological solution of Einstein's field equation for rotating universes [45].
Founded by the physicist George Gamow, it was a collaborative effort to figure out the structure of RNA.
Russian American scientist George Gamow re-examined Kennett's theory with different scientific methods and reached similar conclusions.