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So it seems appropriate to end with "gamsa hamnida" or "thanks" to all of you as well.
It is well established that physical pain can create stress; recent studies have documented that pain may also be a result of stress (Gamsa & Vikis-Freibergs, 1991).
As a member of a multidisciplinary team concerned with chronic pain, involving pain specialist Gary Bennett, psychologist Ann Gamsa, epidemiologists Stan Shapiro and Jean-Paul Collet, as well as Vainio, Ware assesses people suffering from "pain that just won't go away." He sees patients suffering "phantom limb pain," the pain in a limb that's been amputated; post-trauma pain, often the result of a car accident which afflicts the neck or lower back; and chronic post-surgical pain.
Since Parker (1983) found that subjects are confused by these statements, a corrected version was used without double negatives as proposed by Gamsa (1987).
[13.] Unrau, R., Krieger, O., Gamsa, B., and Stumm, M.
(11) I developed this argument for another historical setting in Mark Gamsa, "Mixed Marriages in Russian-Chinese Manchuria," in Entangled Histories: The Transcultural Past of Northeast China, ed.
Ronald Unrau and Benjamin Gamsa developed much of the Hurricane infrastructure we depended on for this research and contributed substantially to the design and implementation of the Hurricane File System.