GAMSSGlobal Air Mobility Support System
GAMSSGeorgia Association Medical Staff Services
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MRTs, on the other hand, are theoretically developed to support aircraft broken at locations outside the GAMSS, which are by definition, places where AMC does not anticipate the need for permanent or long-term support.
The supply system does not generally recognize demand for non-GAMSS locales, because the parts to fix aircraft at these locations are ordered from GAMSS bases, often from the broken aircraft's home station.
As previously noted in the XOCL section of this article, GAMSS command and control functions (or the aircraft' s crew if outside the GAMSS) are required to notify XOCL when aircraft are experiencing maintenance problems, regardless of whether or not support will be required.
First, the fact that the majority of C-5 records were eventually identified as nonsupports (54 of 88) suggests that the GAMSS and those aircrews operating outside the system effectively communicate with XOCL in accordance with AMCI 21-108, Logistics Support Operations.
Additionally, when XOCL is supporting a grounding discrepancy, at GAMSS or aircrew request, XOCL often simultaneously tracks and supports otherwise flyable discrepancies for the same aircraft with the intention of preventing them from degenerating into grounding conditions.
GDSS 2 calculates total time broken using two other data fields on the same report--BREAK DTG (the approximate date and time GAMSS or aircrew personnel notified XOCL of a particular discrepancy) and FIX DTG (the date and time maintenance personnel notified XOCL the aircraft was repaired or flyable)both input by XOCL.
XOCL controllers should develop a baseline against which to compare future subprocess time lines, with possible consideration given to establishing separate standards for different categories of support, such as support to CONUS, OCONUS, GAMSS, and nonGAMSS locations outside the US.