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As Oliver & Ganf (2002) noted, the occurrence and abundance of various types of gas-vacuolated cyanobacteria is not reliant on any particular environmental stimulus, but depends on a complex interplay of factors.
However, research is on the correlation between nutrients, phytoplankton growth and relative abundance of cyanobacteria, did not find the relationship between cyanobacterial cells and nutrients (Oliver and Ganf, 2000).
Ganf, George 2002 'Aquatic plant communities' in Murray-Darling Basin Commission and Department of Water, Land, and Biodiversity Conservation (eds), The Murray Mouth: Exploring implications of closure or restricted flow, Murray-Darling Basin Commission, Canberra pp.73-80.
Muchas de las especies planctonicas han sido citadas en la bibliografia como formadoras de floraciones o "blooms" algales, o especies que liberan toxinas al medio (Reynolds & Walsby, 1975; Pizzolon, 1996; Mur et al., 1999; Pizzolon et al., 1999; Oliver & Ganf, 2000 y Suda et al., 2002).
Brookes and Ganf (2001) state that high temperature and low light intensity favor Cyanophyta in temperate lakes.
In the field, rates of flowering have been observed to rise in response to events that may indicate an increased risk of ramet mortality (Thompson and Guttridge 1960, Mason 1966, 1967, Gadgil and Solbrig 1972, Abrahamson and Gadgil 1973, Harper 1977, Barkham and Hance 1982, Guttridge 1989, Brewer and Platt 1994), or genet mortality (Hartnett 1987, 1990, Brewer and Platt 1994, Rea and Ganf 1994).
Tambem e possivel estimar biomassa pelo conteudo de carbono, segundo as tecnicas de Ganf e Milburn (1971) e Latja e Salonen (1978), e por o peso seco total dos organismos da amostra (Carpenter 1974, cit.