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GANGSGreeley Air National Guard Station
GANGSGarland Air National Guard Station (Garland, TX)
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He saw the two gangs, aggressive and sullen, rigidly keeping apart from each other and backing their respective champions; and he saw himself and Cheese- Face stripping.
And meantime, agents of the packers were gathering gangs of Negroes in the country districts of the far South, promising them five dollars a day and board, and being careful not to mention there was a strike; already carloads of them were on the way, with special rates from the railroads, and all traffic ordered out of the way.
"Ye see, I'm going to get up a prime gang to take down with ye, Tom; it'll make it sociable and pleasant like,--good company will, ye know.
Tom Sawyer's Gang! pretty low characters in it!' They'd mean you, Huck.
But it can scarcely be said that White Fang was a member of the gang. He did not mingle with it, but remained aloof, always himself, and was even feared by it.
And if anybody that belonged to the band told the secrets, he must have his throat cut, and then have his carcass burnt up and the ashes scattered all around, and his name blotted off of the list with blood and never men- tioned again by the gang, but have a curse put on it and be forgot forever.
Stand thou fast in the meantime if thou stir again, thou shalt have that will make thee quiet for thy life Comrades!'' he then said, addressing his gang, ``this purse is embroidered with Hebrew characters, and I well believe the yeoman's tale is true.
"And the first owners of Berande bought his recruits--a hard-bitten gang of murderers.
"A gang of coiners, sir, discovered at Barkingham--in a house they used to call the Grange.
The officer who commanded this gang very wisely concluded that his business was now to deliver his prisoner into the hands of the civil magistrate.
"An' if he don't the other gang'll take it away from him.
"I can see it now, the water-tank, the mainmast, the gang hanging on to him, the hatchet descending on the back of his head, and all under the blazing sunlight.