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GANSGeneric Ambient Network Signaling
GANSGeorgia Association of Nursing Students
GANSGenealogical Association of Nova Scotia (Canada)
GANSGlobal Access Navigation/Safety (USAF GATM program office)
GANSGranulomatous Angiitis of the Nervous System (neuropathology)
GANSGeneralized Autoimmunity of the Nervous System (immunology)
GANSGerman Academy of Neurosurgery (est. 1996; Bethel, German)
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The helmsman steered, the ship moved on; Yet never a breeze up blew; The mariners all 'gan work the ropes, Were they were wont to do: They raised their limbs like lifeless tools-- We were a ghastly crew.
The Sun, right up above the mast, Had fixed her to the ocean: But in a minute she 'gan stir, With a short uneasy motion-- Backwards and forwards half her length With a short uneasy motion.
Then hitherward gan ride Arthur the mighty With numberless folk fated though they were.
The poor people began by fearing them, but when they found that the men in Lincoln green who answered Robin Hood's horn meant them no harm, but despoiled the oppressor to relieve the oppressed, they 'gan to have great liking for them.
He could conceive of men going very insignificantly about the world bearing a load of courage unseen, and although he had known many of his comrades through boyhood, he be- gan to fear that his judgment of them had been blind.
And either tropic now 'Gan thunder, and both ends of heaven; the clouds From many a horrid rift abortive poured Fierce rain with lightning mixed, water with fire, In ruin reconciled; nor slept the winds Within their stony caves, but rushed abroad From the four hinges of the world, and fell On the vexed wilderness, whose tallest pines, Though rooted deep as high, and sturdiest oaks, Bowed their stiff necks, loaden with stormy blasts, Or torn up sheer.
So spake the Sovran voice, and Clouds began To darken all the Hill, and smoak to rowl In duskie wreathes, reluctant flames, the signe Of wrauth awak't: nor with less dread the loud Ethereal Trumpet from on high gan blow: At which command the Powers Militant, That stood for Heav'n, in mighty Quadrate joyn'd Of Union irresistible, mov'd on In silence thir bright Legions, to the sound Of instrumental Harmonie that breath'd Heroic Ardor to advent'rous deeds Under thir God-like Leaders, in the Cause Of God and his MESSIAH.
Answer: Joshua Gans and his comical observations on the functions of parenting.
"I was shocked, of course," says Hanson of the letter she received from Gans and Sachs's attorney terminating the joint annual venture, "especially since it came after our most successful Dinah Shore Weekend ever in March 2005."
Gans was a larger than life figure in the ink industry.
Gans tries to have it both ways: News practices can and should be changed to encourage citizenship, but in the end, they don't really matter.
Gans, an eminent Columbia University sociologist, has chosen his title and central metaphor to tweak the War on Poverty.