GAP-43B-50/growth-associated protein-43
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In this work, the protein expression of apoptotic-related factors (e.g., Bax, Bcl-2, and Caspase-3) and neuronal markers (e.g., MBP and GAP-43) were detected by western blotting at day 7 and 21, respectively.
Then, the GAP-43 antibody was used to identify the regenerating axons at 3 dpi.
A reduced amount of GAP-43 mRNA and protein have been found in the brains of aging or vitamin A-deprived rats.
Furthermore, cells treated with selected drugs revealed intense GAP-43 signals in the neuritic processes as well as in the cell body (Figure 1(d)).
Subsequently, the membrane is incubated with primary antibodies which are the PTEN, NF-200, and GAP-43 (Cell Signal Technology, BSN, USA) at 4[degrees]C overnight.
Neuronal pathfinding is abnormal in mice lacking the neuronal growth cone protein GAP-43. Cell, 80(3), 445-452.
For example, GAP-43 and SCG10 are membrane-associated molecules |19, 20~, while MAP-2 and tau are associated with microtubules |21~.
Shou et al., "Expression of GAP-43 in the process that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells induced to differentiate into neuron-like cell," Chinese Journal of Laboratory Diagnosis, vol.
This finding may imply alternative posttranslational modification or isoform expression of this protein, which may also be the case for the 2 juxtaposed but distinctively separate spots (8 and 9; Figure 2A) in the striatum identified as Gap-43 (neuromodulin), and for spots 5 and 6 (Figure 2B) in the hippocampus, identified as [gamma]-enolase (Table 1), respectively.
GAP-43 and CAP-23 together induce up to 60 times as much nerve regrowth as either engenders alone, says coauthor J.H.
This alteration did not extend to the GAP-43 protein, although studies of adult rats have linked phosphorylation of both proteins to learning, Routtenberg says.