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GAPEGoogle Apps Premier Edition (Google)
GAPEGroupement Autonome des Parents d'Elèves (French: Autonomous Grouping of Parents)
GAPEGlobal Association for People and the Environment (Canada)
GAPEGazon Artificiel pour l'Environnement (French: Artificial Grass for Environment)
GAPEGuyana Association of Professional Engineers
GAPEGap Allowing Pattern Explorer (amino acid sequences)
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Nottingham-based investment company GAPE Equity has reportedly completed similar projects in Nottingham and Derby, and wants to bring "fresh commercial and residential options to Birkenhead".
Gape was charged for violation of Republic Act 8353 or the Anti-Rape Law.
From Mbinji's description, the symptomatology or group of symptoms observed highly indicate his mother's chickens suffer from infestation with gape worms.
For the gaping study, repeated-measures analysis of variance was performed to determine whether Crassostrea ariakensis and Crassostrea virginica gape width differed during the first 72 h of hypoxic exposure and whether the pH of the ambient seawater surrounding oysters that were gaping was less than that of oysters that were not gaping.
Southampton: Gazzaniga, Chambers, Stephens, Turnbull, Targett, Gape, Reed, Moore, Isgrove, Sinclair (McQueen 80), Rowe.
But, Swinton Rugby League remembered him as John Jones from Swansea and York RL as Trooper Gape, a Welshman in the Army and supposed Boer War veteran.
The suite, which Google hosts in its servers and provisions over the Web, will run government agencies $50 per user, per month, or the same as GAPE.
We predicted that mouthparts of tadpoles from our surgery treatment would slip while foraging and that the duration of their gape cycle and the amount of time their labial tooth rows were in contact with the algal-covered substrate would be shorter than those of control tadpoles.
After five years of industry snickering and corporate complaining, Google removed the Apps from beta and hopes more business customers will choose its pay-for GAPE service over suites from Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and others.
Companies looking at GAPE need to get comfortable with three main areas before moving ahead: the SaaS delivery model, the capabilities of the solution and Google as a company.
However, in this case, the suitors are giant barbarian mercenary half-brothers Groan and Gape Teethgrit from The Ratastrophe Catastrophe.
lumholtzi as a food source when gape limitation occurs, as in the case of juvenile fishes (Lemke et al 2003).