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GAPESGapped-Data Amplitude and Phase Estimation (algorithm)
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For the next 4 days (Day 2 to Day 5) filtration rate measurements were performed while simultaneously monitoring the valve gapes of mussels in Group #2A, which were fed Rhodomonas sp.
During the summer of 2002, simultaneous registrations of water elevation, current speed, chlorophyll a (chl a) concentration and valve gapes of mussels were carried out as 10 one-day studies at different selected locations on the shallow north-western part (Site 1: field-study days #1 to #6, and #10), and in the somewhat deeper middle part (Site 2: field-study days #7, #8, and #9, see Fig.
We are here to look at a number of issues related to China,'' Gapes told a press conference.
Even though the building underwent earthquake reinforcement last year at a cost of more than $200,000, a thirty-foot-long hole now gapes in the wall of its second-story rehearsal studio.
Young barn swallow gapes vary from a greenish yellow to bright red, depending on the abundance of carotenoid pigments.
YES MIKE GAPES MP Member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee THERE have never been any easy or risk-free options in Syria.
Rebecca Gapes, 19, whose father is Labour MP Mike Gapes, 60, was found on May 10 after housemates asked a builder to break in because they had not seen her for 24 hours.