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GAPESGapped-Data Amplitude and Phase Estimation (algorithm)
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New Zealand Red Cross president Kerry Nickets said Gapes was "extremely deserving" of the honour, and described her as dedicated, highly-skilled, compassionate and courageous.
He narrated on phone that he has been seeing his mother's rural free-range chicken happily eat garden snails.However, the chickens later cough endlessly, sneeze, squeak, gape and die.
To solve this problem, scientists at the University of Wisconsin studied the size distribution and gape dimensions of smelt from several Wisconsin lakes.
The crew including actor and broadcaster Colin Broadley, who had a good head for heights--he climbed the mast more than once--were often fatigued to the point of exhaustion, poorly paid, seasick, but thanks to Gapes' efforts and the occasional goodwill of the people on Great Barrier Island well fed.
Mr Gapes' comment that such opinions of "policy and diplomacy should be conducted by Parliament and Government" seems to be a little arrogant and implies that no one else should express an opinion (even in private).
Mr Gapes, Labour MP for Ilford South, told national radio he was "deeply concerned" at the lack of an appearance before the influential committee to date, ahead of the summit on June 20.
In short-term laboratory experiments, the valve gapes of mussels were monitored by means of a digital camera taking a picture every 10 min.
''We are here to look at a number of issues related to China,'' Gapes told a press conference.
Yours faithfully, Joyce Gapes (nee Tout) Auckland, New Zealand.