GAPGGarrison Aberdeen Proving Ground (US Army)
GAPGGrupo Americano de Patología Genital (Spanish: American Genital Pathology Group)
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Maybe the results are driven by the GFPG and GAPG variables, so column 5 reports the results of omitting these variables.
Member companies announced in April 2014 their plan to merge ICAP and GAPG into a new single global organization.
RSHARE (Columns (a) and (b) = GGE/GDPQ (both converted from quarterly data); RSHARE (Column (c)) = GGEX/GDPQ (from quarterly data); GDPDEF = GDP/GDPQ (from quarterly data); GOVDEF = GGE/GGEQ (from quarterly data); RELPRICE = GOVDEF/GDPDEF; POP = PAN; POPSQ = PAN x PAN; YPC = GY/(PAN x GDPDEF); PERMY = .261 + 1.22YPC(-1) - .524YPC(-2) + .304YPC(-3); GOVEMP = GATG/PAMF20; FARMPOP = GATAF1/PAMF20; OLDPOP = PAN19/PAMF20; SE = LHNASE/LF; FPART = LHFP16; WAGEMAN = GAPM/GAFM; RWAGEM = WAGEMAN/GDPDEF; GOVWAGE = GAPG/GAFG; RWAGEG = GOVWAGE/GDPDEF; WAGEPRIV = (GAP - GAPG)/(GAF - GAFG); RWAGEPS = WAGEPRIV/GDPDEF; PAYRATIO = GOVWAGE/WAGEPRIV; BERATIO = IPE/IPC; BPRATIO = GEXF/GY (converted from quarterly data); MPROD = LOUTM.