GAPIGateway Application Programming Interface
GAPIGeographically Aggregatable Provider Independent
GAPIGlobal Alliance for Performance Improvement (human resources management)
GAPIGhana Association of Phonographic Industries
GAPIGeorgia Association of Physicians from India (Gainsville, GA)
GAPIGive-Up Application Program Interface
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The consideration payable to GAPI amounts to USD 1m and is payable in five tranches.
Determination of the BON-1b zone as a potential pay zone was easier as it typifies a blocky upper portion and a seemingly fining upward lower part figure 2; the initial indicators were the GR, Neutron Density overlay and Resistivity logs with a cut-off of less than 65 GAPI, the separation between overlay and a resistivity of above 100 ohms.
Premier has also entered into a conditional agreement with GAPI pursuant to which the company has agreed to acquire GAPI's 26% interest in TCT.
5 million to supporting the Mozambican investment company GAPI, and 500,000 euros to educating the public in financial matters.
GAPI also offers pre-paid calling card services and Internet Telephony equipment and service through its switches based in California and around the world.
GAPI also offers domestic and International pre-paid calling card services and Internet Phone-to-Phone service through its switches based in California and around the world.
Migration does tend to attract the 'high risk', especially in countries such as Bahrain and Oman where the wage gapis lower and nationals are sometimes competing for the same private sector jobs as migrants.
50% gapis The issues surrounding the treatment by HMRC of companies like Vodafone and Goldman Sachs, who were the recipients of so-called "sweetheart" deals, culminated in a report by Parliament's Public Accounts Committee just before Christmas that criticised such relationships as being too cosy.
For me, the age gapis nothing - it's my feelings for him that matter.