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The gapis expected to put more pressure on the peso.
The fatality, PO3 Rufino Gapis, assigned at the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Headquarters Support Unit (HSS) in Camp Karingal, was shot dead by motorcycle-riding men in Barangay Malaya, Quezon City on Wednesday night.
A Nepalese man was killed, believed to have been stabbed by a countryman, following a misunderstanding at a workers' quarters in an orchard in Kampung Gapis, Nyalas here early yesterday.
Migration does tend to attract the 'high risk', especially in countries such as Bahrain and Oman where the wage gapis lower and nationals are sometimes competing for the same private sector jobs as migrants.
'50% gapis The issues surrounding the treatment by HMRC of companies like Vodafone and Goldman Sachs, who were the recipients of so-called "sweetheart" deals, culminated in a report by Parliament's Public Accounts Committee just before Christmas that criticised such relationships as being too cosy.
For me, the age gapis nothing - it's my feelings for him that matter.