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GAPPGenerally Accepted Privacy Principles
GAPPGeneral Administration of Press and Publication (China)
GAPPGerman American Partnership Program
GAPPGroupes d'Analyse de Pratiques Professionnelles (French: Professional Practices Analysis Groups)
GAPPGroupe d’Aide Psycho-Pédagogique (French: Psycho-Educational Help Group)
GAPPGroupement Genevois des Associations de Parents d'Elèves du Primaire (French: Geneva Group of Associations of Parents of Primary Students; Switzerland)
GAPPGroupement d'Achats pour Particuliers (French: Purchasing Group for Individuals)
GAPPGeometric Arithmetic Parallel Processor
GAPPGroupement d'Action Protection Privée (French: Private Protection Action Group; Sénégal)
GAPPGeriatric Adolescent Partnership Programme
GAPPGang Alternative Prevention Program
GAPPGeneral Agreement on Parallel Paths (electricity deregulation)
GAPPGuidelines for Assessing Postnatal Problems
GAPPGovernment-Assisted PC Program
GAPPGreat Ape Phenome Project
GAPPGeorgia Association of Plant Pathologists
GAPPGeneralized A Posteriori Probability
GAPPGood Agricultural Practices Program (Georgia Crop Improvement Association)
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Two well-known sets of principles offer a starting point for making sense of what is required of organizations and knowing what to do and in what order: the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles[R] (Principles) and the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP).
[This accreditation], earned "just within eight years since the School of GAPP was founded, is a testimony to the stellar academic quality of these two programs and speaks to the unfailing commitment, dedication and stellar professionalism of the faculty and administration in the department, the school and AUC."
Wang Zheng, Huawei channel service director, said: "It is an honor to collaborate with GAPP, a leading systems integrator in the Kingdom.
The first year Nokomis students traveled with GAPP, they had a tour company arrange the trip, This time, Shalter felt comfortable enough to set things up herself.
"We are convening this meeting, in partnership with GAPP, to explore the challenges facing leaders today, whether they operate in the public or private sectors anywhere in the world."
During the 2019 Colorado Legislative session, the GAPP committee reviewed health related bills introduced in the session and determined if GAPP would support, monitor or oppose the bills.
* Privacy/Data Protection,, which has many downloadable checklists and tools on using GAPP in practice, including, but not limited to: Privacy Risk Assessment Tool, which is designed to help CPAs, CAs, management, owners and other privacy professionals perform a privacy risk assessment in an effective and comprehensive manner; and Privacy Maturity Model, which provides entities with a useful and effective means of assessing privacy programs against a recognized maturity model and has the added advantage of identifying the next steps required to move the privacy program ahead.
The GAPP said that media supervision plays an indispensable role in
China had 9,549 magazine and 1,943 newspapers titles in 2008, according to GAPP, but some of them were barely read ideological tracts.Aa
It was a tight fit through the 70-foot-long pipe, and Wynne worried that Smoky might get trapped, but he tied a string to her collar and left her with Gapp at one end of the culvert that ran under the airstrip.
GAPP may be used by organizations for privacy policy design and implementation, performance measurement, benchmarking, and monitoring and auditing of privacy programs.
In an effort to reach a broader business audience, the AICPA and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants recently published Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP)--a Global Privacy Framework.