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GAPPGeneral Administration of Press and Publication (China)
GAPPGerman American Partnership Program
GAPPGeometric Arithmetic Parallel Processor
GAPPGeriatric Adolescent Partnership Programme
GAPPGang Alternative Prevention Program
GAPPGeneral Agreement on Parallel Paths (electricity deregulation)
GAPPGuidelines for Assessing Postnatal Problems
GAPPGovernment-Assisted PC Program
GAPPGreat Ape Phenome Project
GAPPGood Agricultural Practices Program (Georgia Crop Improvement Association)
GAPPGeorgia Association of Plant Pathologists
GAPPGeneralized A Posteriori Probability
GAPPGenerally Accepted Privacy Principles
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Shahjahan Bhuiyan, chair of the Department of Public Policy and Administration and GAPP associate dean for administration and undergraduate studies, noted that the accreditation team members commended the scholarship they observed at AUC.
Just as the Principles are based on ISO 15489: 2001 Information and documentation--Records management--Part 1: General), GAPP is based on ISO 27002 Information technology--Security techniques--Code of practice for information security controls.
As early as 2002, the MIT and the GAPP co-issued an administrative order titled 'Tentative Measures for Administration of Internet Publishing', according to which any entities seeking to publish electronic books, magazines and so on must obtain the Internet Publishing Services Permit from the GAPP beforehand (MIT, 2002).
The dialogue between the Observer Research Foundation of India and GAPP in Egypt is an important step in this direction," Suri said.
In 2010, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution recognizing the role of pneumonia as the leading cause of deaths in children, setting out the goal of reducing pneumonia deaths as a global health priority (6), and the World Health Organization began tracking implementation of GAPP.
participation is that German classes be taught at the host school, according to the GAPP website.
The layout of the building and excellent location provided an ideal solution for GAPP.
According to Xinhua, GAPP said 18 major video websites, including youku.
GAPP brings together international privacy regulatory requirements and best practices in one framework based on 10 privacy principles (see sidebar, "10 Generally Accepted Privacy Principles").
The GAPP statement also responded to the criticism from the International
China had 9,549 magazine and 1,943 newspapers titles in 2008, according to GAPP, but some of them were barely read ideological tracts.
Developed as a joint project of the AICPA and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, GAPP is a tool for all CPAs.