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"Any draft law suggesting the transfer of the end-of-service payment of expatriates to Gapsi (General Authority for Pensions and Social Insurance) must clarify some problematic issues related to the duration of service, which entitles the employee to 21 days of basic salary for each year in service if it is less than one year, and a full month if it exceeds one year, as highly paid employees will end up with a higher payment than what they are rightly due," he added.
The prices rose from US$ 630 for HRC and US$ 730 per tons for CRC toward the end of last year, chairman of the association of galvanized iron sheet producers (Gapsi) Ruddy Syamsudin said.
The association of galvanized iron sheet producers (Gapsi) said without tariff barriers domestic market is feared to be flooded by imported products causing them marketing problem in the country.
The Indonesian Federation of Steel Pipe Factories (Gapsi) and the Federation of Corrugated Iron Sheet Factories (Gabsi) have urged the government to harmonize the tariffs on down and upstream products of steel.