GAPUGlobal Analogic Programming Unit
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Fields on low-lying ground (mok gapu) were more likely to have larger, or large, gaps between the fields, (79) or ditches (parit), so the danger of rice grains falling from one field into the other was largely eliminated.
(7) In this case, both the uninflected and inflected verb form are retained in Makasae with lexicalised meanings: the uninflected form apu is a transitive verb 'carry' and the inflected form gapu is a postposition 'with'.
Dhimurru 2006 Yolnguwu Monuk Gapu Wanga Sea Country Plan: A Yohlgu vision and plan for sea country management in north-east Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Dhimurru Land Management Aboriginal Corporation, Nhulunbuy, NT.
In this example, of the bar-shouldered dove, the bird cries out 'gukguk' as it sees the shadow of a shark moving slowly in the shallow waters, warning Yolngu that danger is near: Ngapalawal -- The Bar-Shouldered Dove Ngapalawal gukguktja ngathi Ngapalawal gukguktja ngathi The bar-shouldered dove is crying Dhatharram ngathi gukguk Dhatharram ngathi gukguk The bar-shouldered dove called Dhatharram and Gukguk is crying Yimingida gukguktja Yimingida gukguk The dove, called Yimingida, Gukguk Gapu nhangal djarrarranmirrnydja Gapu nhangal buwananamirrnydja He sees the muddy water called Djarrarran and Buwanana Ngathi dhatharram gukguk Ngathi dhatharram gukguk The dove, Dhatharram and Gukguk cries
The independent variables are the ratio of gross investment to GDP averaged over each period (I/Y) and the initial productivity gap between country i and the United States (GAPUS), defined for 1960 as log(US GDP per worker in 1960 [?] country i's GDP per worker in 1960) and analogously for 1973.