GAQGroupe d'Amélioration de la Qualité (French: Group Quality Improvement; various locations)
GAQGroupe d'Animation du Quartier (French: Group Animation Quarter; Belgium)
GAQGlobal Assessment Questionnaire
GAQGEMS (Girls Health Enrichment Multi-Site Study) Activity Questionnaire
GAQGujarati Association of Queensland (est. 1993; Queensland, Australia)
GAQGeneral Arts Qualifying (exam; Sri Lanka)
GAQGender, Access and Quality of Care
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The top three identified functional pathways--phospholipase c signaling, role of NFAT in regulation of the immune response, and Gaq signaling.
Chen et al., "IGF-II/mannose-6phosphate receptor signaling induced cell hypertrophy and atrial natriuretic peptide/BNP expression via Gaq interaction and protein kinase C-a/CaMKII activation in H9c2 cardiomyoblast cells," The Journal of Endocrinology, vol.
The GAQ has five subscales representing the following attitudes: Brighter and Better Prepared Students, Pressure on Faculty, Grading Policy, Changes in Class Difficulty/Curriculum, and Student Competition.
(16a) dire =k <eh> (0.4) mom le =n lolo 3PL =TAM HES put LOC =ART inside qoro ve' [...] hole rock 'Then they put [it; leaf of plant] into the hole in the rock [where they make rain].' GAQ.007 (16b) Di ne lele suw me =n 3SG TAM RED:give thither DAT =ART vanno-gi niece/nephew-3SG '[He pinched off some Malay apples.] Then he gave [them, i.e.
The Gambling Activities Questionnaire (GAQ), developed by Gupta and Dervensky (1996), is a 17-item questionnaire that assesses problem gambling activities (i.e., bingo, lottery tickets, wagering on sports, and Internet gambling) during the past 12-months.
Two members of the Gaq class of G-protein [alpha] subunits, Gnaq and Gna11, proteins involved in signaling by G-protein-coupled receptors, emerged as the most important molecules controlling early melanoblast proliferation in the dermis.
Daniel Kapusta of the LSU Health Sciences Center and Richard Wainford of LSUHSC reported the role of these brain proteins, called Gaq and Gaz, in producing elevated secretion of the hormone, vasopressin, and water retention in salt-sensitive hypertension, a condition in which blood pressure becomes elevated when salt is consumed.
* Group I receptors (i.e., mG1uR1, mG1uR5) activate a protein called Gaq.
We developed a stable method that take into consideration the GO breadth, depth and quality and we combine these aspects to determine the overall GO annotation quality (GAQ) for a species.
(9-11) TABLE 3 Efficacy of vardenafil in 463 men who failed treatment with sildenafil Efficacy measure Placebo Vardenafil (least-squares mean) Baseline 12 wk Baseline 12 wk EF domain (last observation carried forward 9.6 10.5 9.3 17.6 SEP2 (% yes) 31.8 29.9 28.5 62.3 SEP3 (% yes) 11.7 16.1 10.1 46.1 GAQ NA 14.7 NA 61.8 Efficacy measure (least-squares mean) P value EF domain (last observation carried forward <0.001 SEP2 (% yes) <0.001 SEP3 (% yes) <0.001 GAQ <0.001 EF = erectile function; SEP = Sexual Encounter Profile Question 2: Success rate for penetration, Question 3: Maintenance of erections); GAQ = general assessment question (Has treatment improved erections?); NA = not applicable.
Grading: Dates in Pakistan are usually classified according to the following grades: (a) Extra Class, (b) Select-A, (c) Select-B, (d) Good Average Quality (GAQ), (e) Fair Average Quality (FAQ), (f) Industrial Grade.
The initial examination for the adolescent medicine GAQ, scheduled for Nov.