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GARBIGo Ahead Run Batted In
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Garbis talks excitedly about how friendly Penelope Cruz was, how she talked to everyone.
Garbis summarized the results of an initial conference on November 5 with counsel for the parties.
Adverse confidence effects on the private sector and tighter liquidity conditions in the banking system could amplify negative spillovers to the non-hydrocarbon sector," said Garbis Iradian, Chief Economist of Institute of International Finance (IIF) Mena.
Most of the planned spending is expected to be financed by additional borrowing, leading to further increase in the already high debt," said Garbis Iradian, Deputy Director of Institute of International Finance.
Summary: Lebanon has missed a "golden opportunity" to become an investor's safe haven in an Arab region rattled by political turmoil, Institute of International Finance economist Garbis Iradian said at a conference organized by Byblos Bank Wednesday.
Shahidzaeh is accused in the May 25 slayings of Garbis Tarakjian and his wife, Mayda.
In the Court's letter, Judge Garbis stated that the Court was not in a position to issue a ruling on the inequitable conduct defense this month, but would seek to issue such a decision in March 2007.
Slightly more than half of these assets are in the form of Sovereign Wealth Funds," said Dr Garbis Iradian, deputy director of IIF for Africa and Middle East Department.
Garbis and Mayda Tarakjian had been shot to death in their North Hollywood jewelry store 45 miles away.
Judge Garbis indicated in a letter to counsel on January 19 that he "presently expect[s] to have that [inequitable conduct] decision completed before the end of February, and, hopefully, well before the end of the month.
The impact of the restoration of allowances and bonuses for public employees, which would add about $15 billion to the wage bill, is likely to be compensated by lower spending on infrastructure, further adjustment in fuel and electricity prices and higher oil revenues," said Garbis Iradian, Chief Economist Middle East & North Africa, Institute of International Finance.
Fereydun ``Fred'' Shahidzaeh, who authorities described as a transient who knew the victims, is accused of two counts of murder for the May 25 slayings of Garbis Tarakjian and his wife, Mayda.