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But in a press briefing regarding the complaint, NBI Deputy Director General and spokersperson Ferdinand Lavin admitted that the bureau could not find anything that could link Garbo to the drug trade.
When I told Daude I was a Garbo fan, she amended our walk through Sodermalm to visit Garbos home at Blekingegaten 32.
El rostro de la Garbo representa ese momento inestable en que el cine extrae una belleza existencial de una belleza esencial, cuando el arquetipo va a inflexionarse hacia la fascinacion de figuras perecederas, cuando la claridad de las esencias carnales va a dar lugar a una lirica de la mujer.
What further ties the early short story and the later novel together is the historical person of Mauritz Stiller (1883-1928), the Swedish silent-film director best known for having discovered and introduced Greta Garbo to the screen.
Garbo, an ideal name for a place that just wants to be left alone.
The fear of possible terror attacks during the protest rally was also exacerbated by the symbolic meaning of September 11, said Garbo.
But by now Garbo seemed to have lost interest in the relationship and Beaton was delighted and astonished to be summoned to Hollywood in 1948 and told: "I miss you and I like you.
NEW YORK-This year marks the centennial of screen legend Greta Garbo's birth, an event being celebrated worldwide with the traveling Garbo Centennial exhibition, and now, with a rug collection designed by Derek Reisfield, Garbo's great-nephew.
Those three adjectives, by the way, perfectly describe the Violetta of soprano Elizabeth Futral, who sings the fallen woman at the heart of this tale -- a story some may know better in its silver-screen incarnation, the Greta Garbo vehicle ``Camille.
Yatkin set about reading all the literature--factual and fictional--on her subject and seeing the movies (the three most popular screen protagonists were Greta Garbo, Jeanne Moreau, and Sylvia Kristel).
This handsome oversize (9x13") volume on legendary reclusive movie star Garbo is published to coincide with the opening of "Garbo's Garbos," a traveling exhibition of the original vintage prints.
As presented in the 10 films and numerous extras included here, Greta Garbo was a seductive mystery, a brilliant talent to be admired from Mar.