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See my garnet ring; mother scrubbed it in soap and water.
She could compare it to nothing she had ever seen, and the garnet lights which it emitted were unspeakably rare.
Others chose to continue standing, and had turned their faces towards the villagers with a look of melancholy compassion, which was highly amusing to Bessy Cranage, the blacksmith's buxom daughter, known to her neighbours as Chad's Bess, who wondered "why the folks war amakin' faces a that'ns." Chad's Bess was the object of peculiar compassion, because her hair, being turned back under a cap which was set at the top of her head, exposed to view an ornament of which she was much prouder than of her red cheeks--namely, a pair of large round ear-rings with false garnets in them, ornaments condemned not only by the Methodists, but by her own cousin and namesake Timothy's Bess, who, with much cousinly feeling, often wished "them ear- rings" might come to good.
In its first year, Give 4 Garnet raised more than $3.7 million, drawing more than 4,200 donors worldwide who made an average online gift of $126.
They are further grouped into garnet bearing (with and without plagioclase) and garnet free (plagioclase bearing).
The Garnet Valley site will focus on developing small molecule oral drug products, supporting development programs from the preclinical stage through to clinical proof-of-concept.
In late 2012, Prima Garnet Communications enjoined Scanad Nigeria, a subsidiary of Scangroup, in a legal battle with Ogilvy Africa which it accused of having an interest in the Kenya-based firm and a breach of their exclusive dealership.
Significant improvements in the MO quality of a range of magnetron-sputtered bismuth-substituted ferrite garnets compared to standard nanocrystalline garnet material have been achieved.
It was a great honour to award Garnet Skinner the Hall of Fame award at the AGM in 2013.
Established in 1878 by Henry Hudson Barton, the company started out harvesting garnet, a mineral known for its hardness and sharp edges.