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GAS7Growth Arrest Specific 7 (gene)
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Several studies have been performed to examine the physiological functions of Gas7 in humans and rodents [3,7].
These results illustrate that Gas7 is implicated in several cellular processes that are evolutionally conserved in various species.
Recently, we observed that Gas7 represents a novel regulator of MSC-based osteogenesis [13].
In a recent study, we provided a detailed account of the creation and characterization of Gas7-deficient mice that express a labile Gas7 mutant protein with the same properties of wild-type Gas7 [37].
Gas7 also plays a role in regulating the pathways, which are essential for osteoblast differentiation and bone development, probably through the induction of undetermined factors that interact with Runx2.
Place in the oven 425f/220c gas7 for approximately eight minutes depending upon how thick the tuna is.