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GASBOLGasoduto Bolivia-Brasil
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Sao os sitios Areia Branca 5 e Areia Branca 6 (DeBlasis 2000); Arlindo Cruz, Gasbol 8, Muzel e Quatis (Araujo 2001) e Casa subterranea CSU120 (Kamase 2005).
Resgate Arqueologico no Tracado do Gasoduto Bolivia-Brasil (GASBOL) no Estado de Sao Paulo: Trechos IX e X (de Paulinea a fronteira com o Parana).
In the '90s Brazil's growing demand for natural gas required construction of the Bolivia-Brazil pipeline, named GASBOL. This is a telescopic pipeline with diameters ranging from 32 inches down to 16 inches.
The GASBOL is a 32-inch pipeline running from the gas-producing fields of Rio Grande, Bolivia, to Canoas, Brazil.
Current injection on the GASBOL pipeline is done by DC current sources (rectifiers), installed throughout the pipeline, at a total of 41 sites.
The Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline, known as GASBOL, runs from Rio Grande in Bolivia to Canoas in Brazil with a total length of approximately 1,926 miles (3,100 km) of which 1,611 miles (2,593 km) run under Brazilian soil.