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Ms Gasha said government would use close to P9 million to engage a company that would close the old gold mine pits which were found in the area posing danger to the communities of the nearby villages and settlements as well as their domesticated animals.
According to this study, the Orthodox Church and the Haile Selassie I Foundation, which used to own about sixteen and ten gashas of land respectively, were institutions upon which the Emperor had conferred land rights in Wondo Ganat (Zerihun 1999: 29).
The study included mothers of all live singleton newborns in Nova Scotia who resided in CBDHA or GASHA between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009.
8 April 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL confirmed the ratings of BB with a "stable" outlook and of P4+ on the respective long- and short-term bank facilities of local Gasha Steels Pvt Ltd.
Gasha school has become a kind of a haven for its Westernized Kurdish students, who feel ill at ease in a "home" society with which they have little familiarity and for whose traditional norms they lack sympathy.
The facilitative attributes enhanced active learning and represented diverse measurement of organizational components i.e., direct instruction, strategic design, encouraging mediation, and feedback (Gasha, 1996).
Lucara Botswana community relations officer, Mr Babatshi Gasha has encouraged residents of Kumaga in the Boteti District to start operational co-operatives.
Aantu oyendji mboka ye na ombinzi ya londa, kaye na omandhindhiliko gasha. Shika osha ningitha omukithi gu kale omudhigu nomathimbo gamwe otagu ithanwa "omumwenikithi omudhipangi".
For arriving at the ratings, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of Kerala Steel Associate, Kalliyath Steel Traders, Kairali Steels and Alloys Pvt Ltd, Gasha Steels Pvt Ltd, Kalliyath Steels Pvt Ltd, Humayoon Associates, Kalliyath Steels, Kalliyath Steel Enterprises and Kalliyath Steel Associates, collectively referred to as the Kalliyath group.
The Senior Manager at Lundin Foundation, Mr Babatshi Gasha has implored Mokubilo community members to own and support the integrated farming project in their village.