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GASHEGeorgia Society for Healthcare Engineers
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When series (2) converges absolutely and uniformly on the compact subsets of the whole complex plane, then the GASHE function u is said to be entire.
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La cultura considerada como resultado de la actividad no es entonces una entidad estable, sino evolutiva, cuya realizacion y aspecto concreto depende de las opciones que sus miembros toman en cada instante de su actuar (Gashe, 2004: 3).
Red Cross area administration manager Tracy Gashe said: "The items provided filled a gap we discovered while working with people."
(67), y Rodolphe Gashe, "The sober absolute"; "Zentralpark", esta escrito tambien bajo estos supuestos.
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Murdoch illustrates that Toby Gashe, a younger member of the religious community, experiences feelings of power when he learns of Michael's homosexuality.
[5.] Matsheka MI, Magwamba CC, Mpuchane S and BA Gashe Biogenic amine producing bacteria associated with three different commercially fermented beverages in Botswana.
Calfari also includes Bryn's sister, Elin Angharad, as well as Gavin Malone from Holyhead, Dave Woodhouse of Cemaes, Tomos Gashe of Bethesda and Sion Jones of Llangefni.
Gashe (1992) reported that nitrogen inthe form of KNO3 was better than NH4Cl or urea for thegrowth of Trichoderma species.On the basis of these results different combinations of carbon and nitrogen sources were tried and it was found that culture medium amended with sucrose @ 30000 ppm and ammonium nitrate @ 3000 ppm provided the best mycelial growth of the tested T.