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Promoters presented Gasi's testimony as his courageous fight for the truth, from leaving the camp to the present day, with the book being published in Bosnian and previously printed in English language.
The project of converting the original Cas Gasi estate into a luxury boutique hotel is closely bound to the owners' concern for the enviro e tPassionate about the concept of organic farming, they promote sustainable use of the estate's resources, including recently installing solar heating panels, fitting a sand-filtered well supplying the hotel's water needs, and a sewage treatment plant, using advanced technology to achieve completely pure water from waste for re-use in the garden.
"Nobody ever asks which side your family was on in that war," Gasi said.
Aquino said the same charges have been filed against Ryan Rajan, 30; Kizzie Rajan, 30; Gasi Hadjirul, 42; and Albajir Sanny, 25, who were identified as accomplices following a buy-bust operation.
"Durus erat tibi, Adolfe, dies?"--"Mediocriter," ille, "plus nam debuerant suppeditare gasi." "Religiosus, vir, nimium es nimiumque laboras."-- "Pro duce, pro patria nil mihi difficile est." Embracing his wife gives kisses to his dear children, / who bring him his loafers to replace their father's army boots.
Their father Hechami Gasi said: "I don't know what they did to my boys' heads.
Wednesday, Secretary General of the BESA Movement, Afrim Gasi and member of the management Shaban Zendeli met with former head of OSCE, William Walker.
In mare parte, opiniile exprimate de ei privind sansele de a-si gasi un loc de munca in Italia conform pregatirii lor profesionale, oportunitatile egale de accedere pe piata mundi, intentiile de a reveni in Republica Moldova sau de a schimba tara de migratie au coincis cu cele expuse in interviurile realizate cu experti internationali si cu migranti moldoveni care au copii nascuti in Italia sau copii nascuti in Repubuca Moldova.
Daca suntem mai atenti la termenul de "prurit psihogenic", in DSM-IV nu-l putem gasi, dar am putea oare sa il integram in afectiuni precum cele somatoforme nediferentiate, afectiuni dureroase asociate cu factori psihologici sau afectiuni disociative de conversie.
Ko?odziej-Jasku?a A, Krawczyk M, Myka?a-Cie?la J, Kozaczka A, Gasi?ska T.
N!aroh g!aian o Anna Coutsoudis, he o AEkoa tsia Da'abi AXoah he gea n!aroh Aho n!a'an he gea KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, ku ko "Dshausi te Aoa !oa si A'aesi ko tci A'hoan ko tca oo he g!o'a ku te o nAaba[A'an da'abi !oa] te kua o tora n!ang ga te o tci AkainAkain; khama k ate Aoa o AE'ae waqnke tci ooa te cete n!o'o ka kxuia".G!oa ku, ko dshausa tchi ARVs, Aoa sin ku A'an gheghemh ko 'm jansin sahi ama n!angsi ku n,ai !'am te xabe ku A'an gheghemh AE'a hi ama n!angsi ku !'uian hi ko Akae sa o !ao gasi. Ka o tci n!a'an ko ka dshausi ku tchi ARVs he ka n,ai gAaoha si A'angsi.