GASIMGibraltar Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Managers
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At the moment, the capital of BiH is connected to a total of 21 cities with direct flights via the Sarajevo International Airport: Ljubljana, Belgrade, Vienna, Zagreb, Cologne, Stuttgart, Dubai, Munich, Stockholm, Istanbul, Zurich, Budapest, Kuwait, Riyadh, Doha, Gasim, Jeddah, Athens, Berlin, Gothenburg and Sharjah.
Gasim denounced Western nations for their "shameful" silence over the Egyptian government human rights abuses.
Gasim is also a board member of the Saudi-Swiss Business Council (SSBC), which falls under the Saudi Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
"We look at the trends in terms of user navigation," Gasim said.
Gasim didn't say when the Iranian government stopped funding those projects.
A time or date for Gasim's return to the Maldives is yet to be determined, he added.
Jumhoory Party (JP) candidate Gasim Ibrahim has received 23.43 percent of votes.
The delegation, Yanbu Industrial College vice dean for Academic Affairs, Dr Gasim Alandjani, observed PMU's academic environment especially its education system and the latest technology use that best describes the vision of this modern university.
Jadwa Investment's Associate Director, Research, Gasim Abdulkarim said, "If listed banks' financial performance was unchanged on last year, but provisions for credit losses normalized, earnings per share would be 35 per cent higher this year than in 2010.
People of Abbasiya town headed by MP Gasim Hashim "removed the barrier" set
Gasim Mohammed Jamil, acting director of Orientation Department, said that the ministerial order had achieved positive results, as the number of inspections conducted by the ministry since the enforcement of the rule in 2005 until the end of august 2008 stood at more than 213,000, during which 398 companies were found to have been violating the rule.