GASIRGerman Association for Stable Isotope Research (Leipzig, Germany)
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Soliman has written far more widely received plays: " Whims of Freedom, " for instance, as well as " No Time for Art " and " Lessons in Revolting ." But I am partial to this tragi-romantic-comedic collage, examining the relationship between Hadia and her would-be knight-in-shining-armor, Gasir, a painfully awkward lab assistant with attachment issues.
The external factor capable of producing and/or obstructing motion in a body is called 'force' (gasir), and its effect 'violent' or unnatural motion.
--Somos hijas de Gasir Gomelez, tio materno del dey de Tunez actualmente reinante; no conocimos a nuestro padre, asi que, encerradas entre los muros del serrallo, no teniamos ninguna nocion de nuestro sexo.