GASOGreat American Smokeout (American Cancer Society)
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Of special note, too, is the fact that the Directors of the GASO and Engels Archive, Natalya Shirova and Ivan Komarov, had not had the opportunity to travel outside of the Russian Federation until this conference.
Publication of a research project by GASO archive director Natalya Shirova and GASO archivists entitled Annotated Inventory of the Fond of the Kherson Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Consistory, 1801-1864, translated by A.
To estimate awareness of and participation in the GASO, including efforts to quit smoking on the day of the GASO, ACS commissioned Lieberman Research, Inc.
The baseline period was defined as the 4-week period ending November 2, and the GASO promotion period was the 4week period ending November 30.
The National TV Index Service reported that the paid advertising specifically for the GASO reached 122.
During this period, the percentage of respondents who initiated any action during the GASO (either reducing or quitting smoking) increased from 18% in 1995 to 26% in 1996) (Table 1).
During the 4-week GASO promotional period, sales of nicotine medications increased by 11% (136,000 units), compared with sales during the baseline period.
Since 1977, ACS has sponsored the annual GASO to encourage smokers to stop smoking for at least 24 hours.
The findings in this report suggest that the GASO promotional campaign and OTC availability of nicotine medications encouraged smoking-cessation activity.