GASOGreat American Smokeout (American Cancer Society)
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Gaso presented MOL Group and its global footprint, with a special emphasis on MOL Pakistan as a key player in MOL Group's production portfolio to the honourable Prime Minister.
During his stay in Pakistan, the press release stated, Dr Berislav Gaso held meetings with Minister for Energy (Petroleum Division) Ghulam Sarwar Khan and Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Khan Afridi.
Berislav Gaso during his visit met a number of government officials and dignitaries in Islamabad.
Gaso stated: 'Pakistan is an important asset for MOL Group and we look forward to further expanding our business in the country'.
According to the draft Articles of Association, Gaso supervisory board will consist of 11 members, elected by shareholders for a term of three years.
Markets Number of Number of % of Mean HI samples positive positive titer samples samples Kubwa village market 50 15 30.0% 5.1 Kubwa Monday market 50 7 14.0% 4.9 Gaso Lugbe market 50 6 12.0% 5.0 Sabo Lugbe market 50 6 12.0% 5.5 Total 200 34 17%
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En el Capitulo 3 Josep Ramon Fuentes i Gaso y Marina Rodriguez Beas proponen un marco legal con la innovacion administrativa en la gestion de proyectos estrategicos locales e introducen el concepto del Consorcio del Centro Recreativo y Turistico como elemento singular de dinamizacion territorial y del modelo de superacion de conflictos.