GASPAGeorgia Association of School Personnel Administrators
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Following the methodological approach applied in his previous Alimenti e pratiche alimentari in Assiria (2012), Gaspa discusses in detail the terminology for vessels and other types of containers in the three dialects attested in first-millennium Assyria: Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, and Standard Babylonian.
104) Simile MM, Pascale R, De Miglio MR, Nufris A, Daino L, Seddaiu MA, Gaspa L, Feo F: Correlation between S-adenosyl-L-methionine content and production of c-myc, c-Ha-ras, and c-Ki-ras mRNA transcripts in the early stages of rat liver carcinogenesis.
And it's heartening that we're no longer looking to bring some unheard of bloke with a name like Pedro Da Gaspa, but players we're associated with here at home like StephenWarnock and Charlie Adam.
The weed community was composed mainly by Amaranthus viridis (AMAVI), Coronopus didymus (COPDI), Cyperus rotundus (CYPRO), Digitaria nuda (DIGNU), Galinsoga parviflora (GASPA) and Nicandra physaloides (NICPH), although other species were observed as well.
Para tanto, Balbo (12) propos uma escala odontologica a ser utilizada para avaliar a percepcao, os cuidados e a promocao de saude baseada em informacoes dadas pelos responsaveis por criancas e adolescentes [HIV.sub.+] e este estudo se propoe a avaliar a reprodutibilidade desta escala, bem como fazer um diagnostico do servico e saude bucal para os pacientes que possuem cadastro junto ao GASPA (Grupo de Apoio e Solidariedade aos Portadores do virus HIV de Araraquara).
Este instrumento, inicialmente desarrollado por Gaspa y Garcia-Tornel del Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona, se utiliza para la deteccion precoz de alteraciones de la imagen corporal.
Thompson and Gaspa both struck twice for Trooper with Daly and Rooney completing six of the best, while Knox netted both Audley goals.
Velazquez's Portrait of Cardinal Gaspa de Borja y Velasco, Archbishop of Toledo (1580-1645), dating from 1645, has a particularly interesting history.
Brave 18-month-old Mayzee Jo Gaspa needed 240 stitches and surgery to save her nose.