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GASTGnRH (Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone) Agonist Stimulation Test
GASTGreenwich Apparent Sidereal Time
GASTGemeinschaft Autofreier Schweizer Tourismusorte (German: Community of Car-Free Swiss Resorts)
GASTGerman-American Society of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)
GASTGhana Association of Science Teachers (est. 1955; Ghana)
GASTGeneric Automatic Software Test
GASTGBAS (Ground Based Augmentation System) Approach Service Type (aircraft)
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Felly os oes 'na rywun allan fanna sydd a gast Gymreig (goch, plis) ac sy'n chwilio am waed newydd mewn cymar iddi, mae Gel ar gael.
Our analysis of 10 years of data shows there was no change in the trend of water quality exceedances for the region," Gast said.
Gast will be on tour: June 11th in Philadelphia, USA; June 15th in Stockholm, Sweden; June 29th in Vancouver, BC, Canada; July 17th in Brooklyn, NY, USA; July 26th in Camden, NJ, USA.
Gast establishes a rapport with the reader in the preface by suggesting how the text may be used, but leaves it open for interpretation and supplemental resources as deemed fit.
While this book is a very personal account, Gast quickly moves from his own trials and tribulations to ways in which the reader can learn from his experiences.
Currently, Dr Gast serves as president of Lehigh University, a position she has held since 2006.
Rotary vane air compressor and vacuum pumps from the Gast Group - a member of the IDEX Corporation - are available with oil-less, oil-lubricated, motor-mounted or separate drive styles, making them suitable for use in thousands of applications in the food and beverage industry.
I'll be a leader without an armband and I'll be there for Colo as well as all the lads regardless, selfishly it let's me concentrate on playing well every week #NUFC Leonardo Gast (@leogast) The news: half NOTW, half shuttle launch.
Gast will be in charge of overseeing an investment of $4 billion in 2010.
While group instruction gives children opportunities to learn by observing in a less limiting environment, it also enables teachers to use their time more cost-effectively and makes education more economical (Gursel, Tekin-iftar, & Bozkurt, 2006; Johnson-Martin, Attermeier, & Hacker, 2004; Kathleen, Schuster, & Collins, 1998; Keel & Gast, 1992; Lerner, Lowenthal, & Egan, 2003; Rothstein, 1971; Westwood, 1997).
The movie is the latest offering from Leon Gast, the US director famous for his Oscar-winning 1996 documentary "When We Were Kings," about Muhammad Ali's 1974 heavyweight contest with George Foreman in Zaire.
This is a verse translation from Latin called "The Gast of Gy" (Index 3028).