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GATCGuanine, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine (nucleotides that make up DNA)
GATCGeorgia Appalachian Trail Club
GATCGoogle Analytics Tracking Code (Google)
GATCGenesis at the Crossroads
GATCGenotype-specific Approaches to Therapy in Childhood
GATCGenetic Analysis Technology Consortium
GATCGruppo Archeologico del Territorio Cerite
GATCGetting Ahead of the Curve (publication; UK)
GATCGirls and the City
GATCGovernors and Administrators Training Conference (Circle K International)
GATCGabinetes de Asistencia Técnica al Comercio (Spanish: Recruitment of Technical Assistance to Trade)
GATCGreater Austin Transportation Company
GATCGeorgia Aviation Technical College
GATCGrupo de Astrofísica e Cosmologia
GATCGenome Analysis and Technology Core
GATCGerman American Trade Council, Inc.
GATCGeneral Agreement on Terms and Conditions
GATCGreat Adirondack Tool Co.
GATCGrupo de Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores
GATCGorsich Advanced Technology Center
GATCGreat Aycliffe Town Council (UK)
GATCGeriatric Assessment and Treatment Centre (New Westminster, BC, Canada)
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Eurofins has acquired 62.63% of the shares owned by GATC in LifeCodexx AG.
Together these factors could process mismatches in vivo in a strand-specific manner directed by the single, GATC sequence methylated on only one strand (hemimethylated) and located distant from the mismatch."
The library was sequenced on one lane of an HiSeq 2500 sequencer (Illumina) by GATC (Konstanz, Germany) to produce paired-end sequences 101 bases long.
[21] Wright Sandra, Wilson Simone, Miller William G., "Differences in Methylation at GATC Sites in Genomic DNA of Campylobacter coli from Turkeys and Swine," APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, vol.
MolecularHealth has signed a unique agreement today with GATC Biotech.
The ratio indicators are: ROA (return on assets), ROE (return on equity), ROS (return on sales), PM (profit margin), EM (equity multiplier), NLDR (net loan/ deposit ratio), GNPLR (gross NPLs/ gross advances to customers ratio); and the variables in millions of RMB are: NII (net interest income), NI (non- interest income), OE (operating expenses), OPBP (operating profit before provisions), PBT (profit before tax), NPAT (net profit after tax), TA (total assets), GATC (gross advances to customers), TDFC (total deposits from customers), TE (total equity) and GNPL (gross non- performing loans).
Long PCRs were followed by nested PCRs to generate PCR products, which were then outsourced for sequencing to GATC Biotech (
("GATC" or the "company"), a joint venture based in China which will be the first of its kind.
LifeCodexx is a subsidiary of GATC Biotech, Europe's leading provider of DNA sequencing services.
Colonies were screened with the following radioactively labeled oligonucleotides: (AAT)n, (GGC)n, (AAG)n, (ATG)n, (AAC)n, (GATC)n, (GATA)n, and (TAAA)n.
The size difference of a minimum of 6 bases between the primers was created by adding tail sequences of poly A or GATC to the 5' end of the primers.