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GATERSGround-Air Telerobotic System
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It can't lie in the area of doctrine, since, as many cynics have noted, the belief systems of the major world religions are easily as strange as that of the Heaven's Gaters. Belief in the divinity of Christ wins you a place in Heaven?
Stripped of that comical Star Trek imagery, the core beliefs of the Heaven's Gaters plainly derive from Christianity--not surprisingly, since Applewhite was the son of a Presbyterian minister and served for a time as a (semi-closeted) choirmaster.
Reigning World Champion Mark Loram is sure to provide stiff opposition, but his slight inconsistency at the start makes him more vulnerable around a tight track like this, which has a tendency to favour gaters.
Rated as one of the sport's top gaters, Wiltshire top-scored with 14 points in Oxford's 46-44 win at Hull on Wednesday night, after collecting a paid 15-point maximum against the Exide Bees at Cowley last Friday.