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GATHGestion et Aménagement Touristiques et Hôteliers (French: Tourist and Hoteliers Management and Planning)
GATHGestion et Amélioration Techniques de l'Habitat (French: Management and Habitat Improvement Techniques)
GATHGratis Af Te Halen (Dutch)
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Goliath was the Philistine whom David of Bethlehem, the eventual second king of Israel and Judah, famously defeated in single combat (1 Samuel: 17.) Together with Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Ekron, Gath was one of the five Philistine cities until its fall in 830 BCE at the hands of the Aramean king Hazael.
Though no siege is specified, the biblical notation that en route to Jerusalem "King Hazael of Aram came up and attacked Gath and captured it" (2 Kings 12:18) identifies, for Maeir, the perpetrator responsible for the elaborate siege system encircling the city.
Mr Gath said he was alerted to the horrific attack when he heard a "commotion" coming from his neighbour's garden in Ox Lane.
' My starting point of 'y gath yn y cornel' or 'the cat is in the corner' was unimpressive for both father and daughter
Famil gath edt Family gather around Callie to tell her little sister Gracie has died SEE PAGES 6&7 EXCLUSIVE hce he th Yesterday, we told how Connie had stem cells harvested from her for two days so they could be given to Vanessa.
Responding to concerns raised by county councillors, Dr Charlotte Gath said: "If anything we are likely to be beneficiaries in Rugby.
Yno, bydd yn chwilio am lincs, y gath wyllt fawr brinnaf yn y byd.
Visitors from Arabic countries do not require a visa, and other requirements, such as carrying a minimum of $1,000 in cash, have been rescinded for all visitors, according to Ammar El Mabrouk El Tayef, secretary of the General Authority for Tourism and Handicrafts (GATH).
Like brave Leigh Gath, from Newry, Tommy, from Portarlington, Co Laois, was crippled in the womb by the so-called wonderdrug that was supposed to cure his mother's morning sickness.
Byline: 20BELOW By Katey Gath For The Register-Guard