GATICGlobal Advanced Technology Innovation Consortium (management of technology research network)
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They are: Skyline fascias, soffits and copings; Alumasc Rainwater gutters and downpipes; Harmer Building Drainage; Gatic Civil Drainage; and Gatic Engineered Access Covers.
Gatic has been engineering innovative surface water management and precision-engineered access covers for more than 80 years.
Tuvo lugar un proceso similar en Gatic, y en 2001 tambien New Balance decidio manejar en forma directa sus negocios en argentina, adquiriendo a Team (joint venture controlado en un 80% por Gatic), que era duena de los derechos de comercializacion en argentina, Uruguay y Bolivia ("New Balance", 2001).
En cambio, en el caso de Gatic, la actuacion del gobierno nacional por momentos favorecio al empresario y dificulto la iniciativa de los trabajadores.
Started with eight employees and an empty warehouse in 1953, Gatic reached its peak in 1995 with 7,750 employees spread among 15 plants across the country.
On the edge of bankruptcy for the past three years, Bakchellian, to his credit, has managed to keep Gatic's 15 plants open and retain 6,500 workers.
Gatic comenzo con ocho empleados y un almacen vacio en 1953, y llego a la cumbre en 1995, con 7.750 empleados repartidos en 15 plantas.
Bakchellian ha pasado los tres ultimos anos al borde de la bancarrota, pero ha logrado mantener abiertas las 15 plantas de Gatic y retener a 6,500 trabajadores.
Hatches, frames, covers, and other standard components that can be combined into different configurations are produced by Elkington Gatic Ltd.; Thompson Fabricating Co., Inc.
Based in the United Kingdom, Elkington Gatic has a long-established and renowned reputation worldwide for the design and manufacture of engineered access covers and surface water drainage products.
Following comprehensive analysis and comparison of different types of airside pavement drainage systems, BAA selected the Gatic Slotdrain range for installation at many of its UK airports.
Complete de-paving / planing of the wearing courses, repairing and / or reinforcing punctures of roads too weakened (visual tests and / or tests), upgrades of all road grids, manholes, gatics, laying of a road surface new absorbing sound-absorbing layer (3cm of sda 4 or 3 cm of acmr8-vd in the most stressed zones).